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Alexander Macedon and his evil, greed-driven legal system
Emperor Diocletian and the sage who wanted to see him
Ursicinus and the sages in Antioch

Can a convert recite the declaration for first fruits and the liturgical phrase “O God of our fathers” – are converts full members of the Israelite community?

Antoninus and Rabbi Yehudah the Patriarch
Vespasian as the destroyer of the study houses in Jerusalem
Ursicinus and the burned Torah scroll
Antoninus and Rabbi Yehudah the Patriarch

Roman taxes and customs 

Hadrian the wicked

Imagining a heavenly court that reflects a Greco-Roman model rather than rabbinic procedures

Martyrdom, Pappus and Lulianus, and Ursicinus
Special permissions granted to the patriarchal family due to their need to interact effectively with Roman authorities

Explanations for the decree against wearing nailed sandals 

The blessings that are bestowed upon the entire world are actually for the sake of Israel

The rabbinic ban on teaching Greek to sons

Trajan and the destruction of the great synagogue of Alexandria