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Appeal to Augustus

Lament over the civil wars

Augustus’s triumphant return

The expansion of Rome

Rome will not surrender

The moral decline of Rome

Drusus and Tiberius and the superiority of Imperial Rome

Plea to Augustus to return

On Roman and Christian laws

The feebleness of the once powerful Romans due to their use of barbarians in their wars

Diocletian and the fair in Tyre

Roman spectacles: theaters, stadiums, the arena, and more
From which idols may no benefit be derived (through use or sale)?

When may Jews look at icons and their inscriptions?

Symbols that were associated with Roman power and its limitations relative to God's power

Despised and honored objects: Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel’s criteria for idols from which benefit may be derived

Which vessels with images and images on floor mosaics and walls are permitted to be used (or sold) by Jews? 

Rabban Gamliel at the Bath of Aphrodite in Acre (Akko; Ptolemais)

Diocletian’s edict which ordered all inhabitants of the empire to offer sacrifices; and, the permissibility of Samaritan wine for consumption by Jews