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Divine justice: attempts to explain how God allows evil social and legal systems to flourish, even as they favor material assets over human life
Rome enlists soldiers from all nations under its rule
“Two nations (goyim) are in your womb” – Israel and Rome as twin brothers
The boar and the pig as symbols of Rome (in the context of Esau’s marriage)
The state of the world and the blessings that humanity receives depend on Israel’s conduct
The creation of the sun and the moon, and how these luminaries reflect the balance of power between Rome and Israel
Antoninus and Rabbi Yehudah the Patriarch
A positive view of the Roman judicial system
Exoneration of Pilate

Paying taxes to Caesar

Julian’s failed attempt to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple with the help of the Jews

The beauty of Roman law and the Latin language

Concerning Christians who have joined with the barbarians invading the empire

About the foundations of imperial power and legitimacy and the preeminence of Rome in the middle of the third century CE
Hadrian’s ban of circumcision
Septimius Severus forbade conversion to Judaism and to Christian faith

The threat of civil war

A remedy for civil war

Augustus and Jupiter