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Symmachus’s recollection of the fact that Genii are divided between peoples
Worship of gods and performance of sacred rites ensured Rome’s protection and greatness for centuries
The benefits of Roman conquest and occupation
The adoption of Roman culture by the Britons.
Calgacus’s speech against Rome.
Tiberius grants Smyrna the right to build a temple dedicated to him
Tacitus presents his version of the speech that the emperor Claudius pronounced in 48 CE at the Senate in Rome, which dealt with the admission of provincials from the Three Gauls to the Roman Senate.
After Claudius’s speech to the Senate in 48 CE, the Aedui are the first Gallic people to have the right to become members of the Roman Senate.
The adoption of Lucius Calpurnius Piso Frugi Licinianus by Galba in January 69 CE
Omens announcing Vespasian’s accession to the Empire
Druids interpreting the burning of the Capitoline Temple as a omen announcing Rome’s fall
Speech of Cerealis to the Lingones and Treviri
The oriental tradition prophesising that men coming from Judea will become the masters of the world.
Tacitus’s excursus about the Jews.

Tatian’s views on the Roman emperor

The Romans as instruments of divine justice

Christianity, Roman law, and “good” and “bad” emperors

Roman laws are descended from those of Moses

The folly of Roman idolatry

The impiety and brutality of Rome’s expansion


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