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Jews as a “pernicious nation”.
The necessity to use good Latin.

The vision of the beast

The fall of the kingdom of the beast

The great whore

Paul instructs the Christians in Rome to respect the ruling authorities

Praise of Rome’s capacity to rule a universal empire
Jugurtha’s speech against Rome
Gallic provincials who preferred to lose their Roman citizenship by emigrating towards barbarian or bacaudic areas
The malfunctions of the Roman tax system and of civic institutions as source of social troubles
Criticism against Claudius’s policy concerning the grant of Roman citizenship.

The prediction of the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple

Rome’s triumph over Egypt before her decimation by God, and the arrival of a “holy prince”

The Torah and the laws of the gentiles: the appeal of non-Jewish laws and practices
Trajan kills Pappus and Lulianus
The importance of bringing peace
Rabbinic sages as experts in Jewish law and in the laws of the nations
The status of Israel following the destruction of the Temple, and theological explanations for those conditions


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