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Ovid's prayer for Augustus's longevity

Julius Caesar is transformed into a star

Tiberius's triumph

That Christ was responsible for the Pax Romana

Esau the wicked pretends to care for the poor
Rome enlists soldiers from all nations under its rule
The harsh methods of Roman tax collection

On the various methods employed by Christians to avoid performing pagan sacrifice

The ‘Christ Hymn’ as a challenge to the imperial cult?

“Citizenship” in heaven

Abraham’s exemplary attitude toward Lot: an implicit criticism of Roman conquests?
The instability of wealth and power
Praise of Augustus and the peace he brought to the world
Augustus’s policy toward the Jews
Agrippa I’s defense of the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem
Augustus’s respect for Jewish customs
Description of the empire at the time Caligula became emperor
Moses as the best lawgiver
Proselytes as new citizens of the Mosaic politeia


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