Jerusalem Talmud Megillah 3:1, 74a

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Ursicinus and the burned Torah scroll
360 CE to 400 CE
Syria Palaestina
Hebrew and Aramaic
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Jerusalem Talmud

Megillah 3:1, 74a


Ursicinus was a Roman general who served the empire in the mid-fourth century. In 351-352 CE, Gallus sent him to Palestine to subdue Jewish violence there. The severity of this outbreak is unclear. This text discusses a case that arose after a Torah scroll was damaged by this general. The sages prohibit reading this book in a liturgical setting. However, the Talmud notes that halakhah actually permit its usage but the sages forbade it because the condition of this scroll caused ongoing sadness to the community; therefore, they deemed it preferable for a replacement scroll to be acquired. See the discussion of this text in the commentary on Jerusalem Talmud Sanhedrin 3:3, 21b (= Shevi’it 4:2, 35a)

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Jerusalem Talmud Megillah 3:1, 74a
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