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A typical city in Asia Minor drafts a resolution concerning illegal banking activities and local legal procedures. The fragmentary decree includes an acclamation and several messages extolling the Roman emperors and the eternity of their rule.
Nero proclaims the “freedom” of Greece in a speech during the Isthmian games and the city of Akraiphiai prepares a decree in honour of the emperor, who is referred to as Zeus “the liberator”
A funerary text inscribed on a sarcophagus of Aphrodisias records the change of nomenclature caused by the Constitutio Antoniniana.
The inhabitants of Paphlagonia and the Roman traders among them swear an oath of loyalty to Caesar Augustus
 Octavian sends several letters to the city of Rhosos concerning the rights and privileges granted to his sea-captain Seleukos 

A dedication of slaves in the sanctuary of the Mother of Gods in Leukopetra (Macedonia) records a new Roman citizen following the regulation of the provincial governor in 213 CE, i.e.

A member of the local elite of Termessos is honoured for having led a group of allies dispatched to the emperor Marcus Aurelius.
The provincial governor of Asia tries to curb corruption in the internal affairs of Ephesus and the temple of Artemis. His actions are connected with the emperor Claudius.
Trajan and the Roman Senate authorise the organisation of sacred games in Pergamum with the sponsorship of Iulius Quadratus
The city of Perge in southern Anatolia celebrates its new title of metropolis after the exceptional grant of the emperor Tacitus, worshipped as a god.
The villages of Anossa and Antimacheia have a conflict concerning transportation obligations and the procurator of Phrygia intervenes.

The Roman governor Carus Pedo produces an edict authorising a local decree of Ephesus.

Edict responding to a village in the Maeander valley that petitioned for market days. The legal procedure concerning the reproduction of this official document is also detailed.


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