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Aurelia Paulina, who was granted Roman citizenship by Commodus, dedicates a grand construction soon before the Constitutio Antoniniana.

Caius Vibius Salutaris, an Ephesian member of the equestrian order, establishes a foundation in which images of the Roman emperors, the Roman people, and the Senate are prepared.
Hadrian orders the restoration of a temple destroyed and burned during the Jewish riot of Cyrene

Under Marcus Aurelius, Cyrene was still restoring religious spaces damaged in the Jewish riots at the end of Trajan’s reign.

The people of Thyateira dedicate a monument to the emperor Nerva, the Senate, and the Roman hegemony
A military officer is honoured in Oinoanda (southern Anatolia) for providing peace and being generous on the day on which a sacred image of Valerian II arrived.
The emperor Vespasian consults with an Italian oracle what to do with the German captive Veleda


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