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Antoninus Pius does not grant the status of assize centre to Berenice because of Cyrene’s opposition

Antoninus Pius acknowledges the euergetic actions of a benefactor from Lycia.

The free and autonomous city of Aphrodisias sets up a monument in Ephesus commemorating the grant of neokoria by Domitian
Septimius Severus and Caracalla confirm the privileged polity and laws of Aphrodisias, a city that celebrated their dynastic victories and was closely related to the empire of Rome.
Augustus with Agrippa rule that sacred and public lands should be returned to local institutions.
Decree of the Greek cities in Asia accepting the proposal by the governor Paullus Fabius Maximus to start their calendars on 23 September, Augustus’s birthday
Epigraphic dossier confirming the privileges of the sanctuary of Zeus in Baetocaece (Syria) in 258-260 CE. Seleucid and Augustan precedents are used to back the worshippers’ petition.

An edict of a Roman official that deals with the riots caused by an association of bakers in Ephesus. The local council is also summoned to solve this issue. 

C. Claudius Lucianus is selected possibly by the proconsul of Asia M. Sulpicius Crassus for the position of eirenarch, which was in charge of keeping local security. 

Bilingual minutes of a hearing in a tribunal presided by Caracalla in Antioch, with a case involving the piety of the emperor.


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