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The island of Cyprus takes an oath showing their loyalty to Tiberius, praising Rome’s eternity and emphasising the kinship relations between the local Aphrodite and the Roman Venus

A dedication to the town council and the officers of the imperial cult in Herculaneum.

A god-fearer called Aurelius Hermogenes donates a menorah to the synagogue of Sardis in response to (the gifts of) providence.
A group of Jews dedicates a vow to the salvation of Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Geta and Iulia Domna. It belongs to a building project of controversial nature.

A king of Bosporus honours Hadrian as a restorer and benefactor and is grateful for his registration as a friend of Rome.

A local agent sent by the Roman administration discusses the financial viability of Greek games and its impact on the city of Aphrodisias in the reign of Commodus. 

A graffiti records an acclamation for the continuity of a strong Roman power.

A local benefactor prepares a statue and vows for the hegemony of Hadrian, and the perpetual preservation and victory of the Roman people and senate.

A decree honours a local officer for having acted as a “guardian of peace” in a remote location of southern Anatolia between 270’s and 280’s CE.
The provincial governor settles a dispute concerning the freedom of Chios and describes the use of previous official documents

A couple of benefactors in Macedonia produce an invitation for gladiatorial spectacles that include vows for Severus Alexander and other constituent elements of Roman power.

The emperor Antoninus Pius confirms the foundation of games that followed the precedent set by the neighbouring city of Oinoanda


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