How to search

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Basic Search

If you type a word in "Search" on the homepage, you will be directed to the Basic Search page. On this page you can perform a search on the website as a whole, including news, publications or informations on team members. Or you can perform a search in a particular category of pages by using the list "Only of the type".

If you want to perform a search only among the bibliographical references, for instance, please use the Basic Search page and select "Bibliographical references" in the list "Only of the type"; then type the words you want to search in the Search box (either a common name or a name of author).

You may type several words or names in the Search box; please do leave a single space between them, not a comma.

If you want to perform a search among ancient sources (no matter what kind of ancient sources), we recommend that you use the Advanced Search page. 

Advanced Search

You may choose to search only one category of sources at a time (for instance "Numismatics" or "Texts"), or to perform a search on the whole corpus of ancient sources.

You may also refine your search from a chronological point of view, by selecting one or several century/ies.

This type of search is recommended when you are interested in searching ancient sources, because you can use the Full Text Search (any word anywhere) as well as the Thematic Keywords Search (thematic keywords in English) and the Keywords in the Original Languages Search (keywords in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc.). For the search via thematic keywords and keywords in the original languages, though, you have to type the first letters and then wait until you see a menu with a list of possible keywords, and then select from this list. If you do not select from the list, it will not function.

You can do a search with multiple keywords, but you must leave a comma and a space between the keywords.

Caps and accents do not matter for your search. 

Search within a particular category of ancient sources

You may also perform a search within a particular category of ancient sources, according to criteria that correspond to this category of source. In the "Ancient Sources" menu, click on the type of sources you want to search (for example, Numismatics) and the search options connected with this category will appear on top of the screen (for instance, in Numismatics: "Name of Ruler"; or, in Texts: "Literary genre").