Samuele Rocca

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Samuele Rocca
Historian of the Greco-Roman World
Samuele Rocca is in charge of the analysis of material culture in the Roman empire, with a particular focus on numismatics.

Samuele Rocca did a BA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Biblical and Classical Archaeology, and Ancient and Medieval History. He then did a MA in Classical Archaeology and History of the Jewish People in the Second Temple Period. He obtained his PhD from the University of Bar Ilan, under the supervision of Albert Baumgarten, on the topic "Herod’s Judaea – A Mediterranean State in the Classical World" (2007).
He then did a post-doc at the Biblical Pontifical Institute in Rome, under the supervision of Joseph Sievers, on the topic: "The Jews of Roman Italy: A Mediterranean Diaspora between National Identity and Acculturation".

He currently teaches at the Neri Bloomfield School in Haifa.


Books (a selection)

Herod’s Judaea – A Mediterranean State in the Classical World, Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism 122 (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2008).

Articles (a selection)

• "Spatia et tempora regis: the spatial and temporal relationship between the Herodian ruler and his palaces," in Zeev Weiss (ed.), Ehud Netzer volume = ספר אהוד נצר (Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 2015), 386–397.
• "The Hasmonean State and Rome: A New Appraisal", Revue des Études Juives 173/3-4 (2014): 263–295.
• "The Late Republic and Hasmonean Judaea," Athenaeum 102/1 (2014): 47–78.
• “Domitian’s Attitude towards the Jews in the Light of his Numismatic Output,” Israel Numismatic Journal 18 (2014): 122–145.