Caroline Barron

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Researcher in Latin epigraphy
Caroline Barron is responsible for Latin epigraphy.
Caroline Barron is an Ancient Historian with a particular research interest in Latin epigraphy, who was recruited to the project in September 2016. Following an undergraduate degree in English and Latin at the University of Leeds, she spent several years living in Rome and working in cultural heritage. She returned to London in 2008 to pursue an MA in Classics at King’s College London, where she also studied for her PhD under the supervision of Professor Henrik Mouritsen. Her thesis was entitled ‘Tourists and Texts: Latin Inscriptions in the Grand Tour Collections of Eighteenth Century England’, and considered the presence of epigraphic material in private collections. Her research has a particular interest in ‘fake’ inscriptions, produced for the art market in the eighteenth century.
Caroline has also worked on the publication of two digital editions of ancient inscriptions: Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania and IOSPE: Ancient Inscriptions of the Northern Black Sea, and has extensive teaching experience in a wide range of topics including Roman religion, Roman art, the history of Museums and Latin.
  • Caroline Barron, '"Sacred to Hercules": 'A very curious inscription' in the collection of Thomas Hollis' in De Falsa et Vera Historia" (edited volume), (Madrid: Ediciones Clásicas, 2017)
  • Caroline Barron, 'Latin inscriptions and the eighteenth century art market' (provisional title) in Fakes, Forgeries and Issues of Authenticity in Classical Literature (forthcoming, 2018)