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Imagining a heavenly court that reflects a Greco-Roman model rather than rabbinic procedures

Martyrdom, Pappus and Lulianus, and Ursicinus
Special permissions granted to the patriarchal family due to their need to interact effectively with Roman authorities

Explanations for the decree against wearing nailed sandals 

The rabbinic ban on teaching Greek to sons

Trajan and the destruction of the great synagogue of Alexandria
Trajan and the destruction of the Jewish community of Alexandria
Handing a Jew over to Roman authorities
Explanations for the destruction of the Temple

A convert and a daughter of converts and marriage with a priest – are converts full members of the Israelite community?

The laws of siqriqon

Caiaphas, the high priest, wants to have Jesus killed to avoid Roman retaliation on the Jews

Jesus and Pilate

On the manner in which the Christian congregation should receive imperial decrees and the word of God.

That God inspired Caesar Augustus to conduct the census at the time of Christ’s incarnation


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